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Eastern China's Investment group company recently opened a new holding company in Hong Kong as a strategic step to support the company's global fleet expansion.


Currently, investors from Asia and Hong Kong opened its new environmental protection company in Hong Kong. The regional headquarters in Hong Kong will be responsible for overseeing all company's environmental protection business in the Mainland China.


A Spain Western European-based provider of automobile accessories company set up it's regional investment and sourcing quarter in Hong Kong. By expanding its operation here, the company leverages its entry into China market.


A china exporting company opened a financial settlement company in Hong Kong for tax efficiency purpose.


Australian-based public investment company, announced the grand opening of its investment head-quarter in Hong Kong. The investment fund are a specifically for the investment target of high-technology and electrical-training business.


The Hong Kong enterprises “feng shui” consultancy and related product provider, opened its regional headquarter in Hong Kong. The company offers special and professional services for its regional clientele.


Hong Kong-based specialist corporate finance and invest boutique, announced opened a Joint Venture company. The full corporate service specializing in origination and transaction support service.


Mainland based Investment group opened its holding company in Hong Kong. By consolidating the regional headquarters in Hong Kong and investment in Mainland, it aims to increase the efficiency and effective of Investment and Finance.


One of the famous chemical product Manufacturer establishes of its Asia pacific headquarter in Hong Kong. The new regional base will serve its existing customer in America and explore business opportunities.


Leading centre state-owned Enterprises establish its regional headquarters and sourcing office in Hong Kong. The metal company Hong Kong as a strategically important location to co-ordinate America and European Sourcing and financing activities in metal sector.