Hong Kong Corporate and Individual Tax Services

Corporate tax

Offshore Tax exemption claim

Assist the tax player to review its current operations to ascertain the possibility of making an offshore claim, to assist you to gather necessary information & documentary evidence to support the claim and to handle enquiries from the Inland Revenue Department concerning the claim made.

Assist the foreigner companies to restructure their current cross border investment, management, operations and activities to qualify for tax exemption.

Tax advisory

With extensive practical experience and knowledge in individual industry segment to enable you to have a complete picture of all the issues, achieve business , financial and tax objectives, and manage risks.

Broad range of tax advisory services with particular expertise in:

  • Equity Investment tax planning
  • Property Investment tax planning
  • Merger & Acquisition tax planning
  • Operation efficiency tax planning
  • Advance ruling application
  • Tax due diligence and structuring
Tax compliance

Assist to identify ways to reduce tax liabilities within the legal framework of the relevant tax legislation including acting as tax representative, preparation of Profits Tax returns, reconciles of tax liability and assisting in responding and managing queries from the tax authorities of Hong Kong.

Individual tax

Expatriate Tax Planning in Hong Kong

Whether you or your employees are moving to or from Mainland China or Hong Kong permanently or accepting a temporary assignment abroad, effectively navigating Mainland China or Hong Kong and foreign country tax laws can be daunting. In addition to tax planning issues, jurisdictional compliance requirements are becoming more extensive – along with the fines and penalties for failing to meet those requirements. To mitigate your risk, it's important to work with experienced professionals. , ITHK has extensive experience providing businesses and their employees with taxation advice regarding domestic and foreign assignments no matter where their business takes them.

Our expatriate taxation services include:

  • Employer tax advice and planning
  • Employee tax advice and planning
  • Tax compliance for global income tax and payroll filings
  • Pre-immigration tax planning
  • Cross -border family wealth planning