Mainland China Tax Consultation and Agent Services

Our International and China Tax professionals can help Foreigner company implement tax strategies and structure transactions to enhance your tax savings at home and abroad. Whatever level of overseas activity you pursue, we can create a tailored international tax planning and compliance program.

ITHK provide both tax consultation and agent services:

  • Tax declaration and filing for PRC individual income tax for foreign nationals and residents.
  • Assistance in application for recognition of general VAT taxpayer and certificate for export rebates.
  • Advising in PRC tax laws, administrative regulations and rules including corporate income tax, VAT, business Tax and consumption tax, city property tax, deed tax and stamp tax.
  • Consultation on issues relating to taxation, foreign exchange, accounting, use, issue and custody of tax invoices.
  • Consultation on the avoidance of double taxation on income under the China tax treaty framework including application for certificate of residency.
  • Assistance in application for granting of tax incentive, income tax, turnover tax, behavioral tax declarations and filing for PRC corporations, and application for temporary tax registrations for non-resident foreign investors.
  • Assistance in initiating administrative appeals and/or litigations for tax related cases.