Hong Kong nominee individual director Services for tax planning

Nominee Individual director, corporate director and corporate shareholder company structure allow the confidentiality and assist with global trading, servicing, investment and asset holding. Our nominee shareholder is a company holding shares in a Hong Kong company for the ownership and interest of benefices owner. The role of our nominee director is passive and stated in the public assess record and fulfill statutory obligation.

Entity named or appointed by another (the nominee director or shareholder) to act on its behalf in a limited capacity or in a specific matter.

Entity (the registered owner) in whose name securities or other assets are recorded and held under a custodial agreement with the actual owner (called beneficial owner). Such arrangements are used where the beneficial owner is abroad, wishes to conceal his or her identity, or to facilitate a trade, service, investment holding or collection of income from several oversea partners are usually appointed registered owners.

Europeans have used nominees to eliminate worldwide taxes since the mid-1900s. Hong Kong Company tax planners have used nominees for almost half a century. A nominee corporation is a powerful international tax planning tool for international trading, investing and servicing.