Tax Investigation and field audit

We are expertise in dealing with field audit and tax investigation by Inland Revenue Department (IRD) in order to secure the best result. We also ensure the rights steps are taken to minimize penalties.

  • Advise clients on the procedures and the effect of field audit / tax investigation conducted by Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (IRD).
  • Conduct audit and assessment on client's financial affairs before --'s initial interview meeting to identify potential problem areas and assess the financial impact of these in advance.
  • From the results of our audit and assessment, plan and formulate the handling strategy of such audit and investigation.
  • Our Tax Audit Specialized Team will follow up each case closely until the completion of the case. Our team will accompany the client to attend all IRD interviews, meet tax authority's case officers reference work in progress, and handle the technical areas until the completion of case.
  • After negotiation with tax authority's case officer, formulate a favorable settlement proposal and submit this to IRD on client's behalf.

Negotiate with IRD for favorable resolution of a case in relation to a tax penalty.