Transfer Pricing in China

Transfer pricing refers to the setting, analysis, documentation, and adjustment of charges made between related parties for goods, services, or use of property (including intangible property).

Businesses operating internationally face so many challenges that the tax implications of setting prices and other conditions for transactions between group companies may not be a high priority.

  • Researching and conducting comparability analysis to support our Chinese transfer pricing strategies
  • Assisting in Preparing and updating annual transfer pricing documentation for all required legal entities in China
  • Assisting in responses and management of inquiries and audits involving transfer pricing issues
  • Preparing and maintaining transfer pricing documentation in relation to major inter-company charges, including but not limited to trademark licensing fees, technology licensing fees, group management fees, Global IS service fees etc.
  • Managing Transfer Pricing monitoring cycle, data collection and analysis for China companies
  • Data collection and analysis (gathering data such as agreements, reviewing information, analyzing comparable & simulating results, drafting responses)
  • Assisting in Advance Pricing Agreement negotiation with and information requests from tax authorities